Distribution Division

Aldrtz Distribution is the Sales Division under Aldrtz Corporation handling product placement and distribution operations with partner principals and clients.


We are Aldrtz Distribution, a Sales Division under Aldrtz Corporation and we specialize in insuring that our partners’ and clients’ products are placed within the most available reach of their customers and consumers in the best time possible and in the best possible cost.


Our distribution capacity and network covers 80% of the Philippine archipelago, with 5 key warehouses strategically placed in NCR, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao linked together by a fleet of drop down trucks, panel trucks, and distribution vehicles, and supported by strong alliances in sea and air logistics.


We cover over 3500 drugstores and chain drugstores, over 200 supermarkets, over 60 wholesalers, and numerous tertiary accounts giving us the capacity to bring your products and customers closer and maximizing your product availability to Filipinos nationwide.


To be the best local distribution service provider for our distribution partners.


To serve our distribution partners with distribution services and logistics that maximize product availability to consumers, and build customer satisfaction for our partners and their customers.

Aldrtz Corporation